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#People First

As a company specialized in Human Resources consulting, BE AGILE defends the commitment to concepts, practices and methodologies that support and promote agility and organizational happiness.

Our fundamental pillars are:


At BE AGILE, we defend the concept of AGILE and HAPPY HR, such as HR of the future, HR 4.0 or disruptive, and we want to help spread this concept through our services and knowledge sharing.

Human Resources play a key role in becoming a driver and accelerator of business agility and organizational success.

In the new era of work people and technology work together to maximize the quality of their work and personal life. Financial markets are moving faster and more dynamically than ever before, and workplaces are becoming more personalized and autonomous.

It is up to each organization to create a strong business that can deal with the normal new, but it is Human Resources in particular that have a key role to play in ensuring that companies and institutions thrive.

The new challenges of the present also lead us to a more humane economy, where the focus is on people and what we are able to do if we have the right work environment and leadership.


It is a time when people will really be the determining factor for success and Agile, for its set of values, principles and practices (ways of working), has a decisive role in creating highly engaging, collaborative and innovative workplaces.
We defend and use the term Agile because we adopt the values and principles of Agile and because Agile is an umbrella for some highly significant concepts, such as System Thinking, Design Thinking, Gamification, Lean and SCRUM.

It is also a way of moving away from some outdated, heavy and ineffective practices, which give more prominence to processes and means, than to people. Instead, we intend to apply a plan on how to co-create new Human Resources practices that best capture and support an organization’s values ​​and beliefs.

We know that this is not an easy journey, and it will require all the courage and determination that an organization can have. On the other hand, it is a unique chance to humanize work and reinvent ourselves. We can finally turn HR into the kind of power we know it can and should be.

BE AGILE intends to be the partner of excellence for all those who intend to start this journey, harnessing their talents, in an agile way, for this we form international partnerships that allow us to teach courses in different areas of AGILE, and that will enable our students to have different international certifications, so that they can aspire to great goals and professional achievements in the future.

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Over the years, the concept of Organizational Happiness has gained prominence, several studies have shown the importance of adopting practices of organizational happiness to motivate employees, create healthy work spaces, and increase productivity.

At BE AGILE we believe that happy people produce more and better results, and that they help their organizations to prosper in a solid way.

Institutions around the world, in different sectors, now know the importance of promoting the happiness and well-being of their employees, in order to create bonds and a healthy balance between what is the professional and personal life of workers.

We live in a new era of work, in which not only wages count, and where it is necessary to consider a set of extra wage and practical benefits, as well as recognition and cooperation. These factors are increasingly decisive for the success of a company, and for retaining and attracting talent.

Organizational happiness brings with it the concept of personal satisfaction and purpose, in which employees also aspire to have a good work environment and healthy leadership. What inevitably promotes the sustainability of the economy and social responsibility, and contributes to the general well-being of the community.

Motivation, happiness and productivity are concepts that go hand in hand.

At BE AGILE we believe that it is important to feel fulfilled and happy, and that the construction of less stressful workplaces, where it is possible to create healthy interpersonal relationships and greater involvement of all the professionals who integrate the organization is important.

We believe that, unfortunately, the concepts of happiness and well-being at work have not yet reached many organizations, and we want to help be an agent of change in this paradigm.

Therefore, we are happy to be part of a large international community such as Woohoo Inc. – Happiness at Work, as certified partners to promote good practices in organizational happiness, through our training and consulting services.

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